1What is the height of the rooms in the Convention Center?
The height is 10 meters.
2They have the halls hang points
Yes, all our Convention Center rooms feature hang points.
3Does the convention center has a kitchen?
Yes, The Megapolis Convention Center has at their disposal a kitchen to raise even more direct attention in our facilities.
4Are there providers scenery and audiovisual equipment?
Yes, we have the best suppliers to make your meeting something really unique.
5Does the rent of rooms consumable on food and beverages?
Yes, they are consumable at a 100%
6What is the distance from Tocumen International Airport to the Megapolis Convention Center?
Distance is 13 miles (20km) and the duration is 20 min
7What is the capacity of lounges?
The rooms can accommodate from 100 to 3000 people.
8Do you have Internet?
Yes, all the complex areas have Internet completely free so you can access the Internet at the time you need.
9Do the rooms have screen and projector?
Yes, all our classrooms are equipped with screen and projector
10A suite can be used as a meeting room?
Yes, both the Hotel Radisson Decapolis as the Hard Rock Hotel feature rooms that can be used as a meeting room
11You can do events in the pool?
You can do events in the pool?
12Do they have plans rooms?
Yes, we have great Package plans for your meeting or event for you to enjoy maximum comfort in a friendly atmosphere.

Packages provided by the hotel are:

  • Breakfast Plan
  • Congress Plan
  • Plan luxury congress
  • All inclusive plan
  • All for inclusive (half board)

Download catalogue All inclusive plan: